Where do these images come from?

All artwork is by me, Melanie Adams! I paint real or imagined people and scenarios and use hundreds of photo references to create my pieces.

What medium do you work in?

My original artwork is primarily watercolour and pencil, though I do on occassion create pieces in a more comic book style in pen and ink which I call my tattoodles. I tend not to work any bigger than about A3 thought have done larger pieces in the past on request.

Can you paint me / my sexy missus?

I'd love to! For more details, head over the the Commissions section.

Where are you based?

My husband Professor Pinup and I live in an old farmhouse in Yorkshire, England and I work from my home studio where we produce all our merchandise ourselves. We ship worldwide where possible.

So if you make it yourself, it's not great quality, right?

Not at all. We have own factory workshop where we use a process called sublimation to ensure that all our clothing is fully washable and our kitchenalia is microwave and dishwasher safe. Our products are factory made then printed, pressed and packed by hand.

 Yeah but what about your cosmetics?

We have had ALL of our formulations approved by an independant lab and our premises and methods inspected by Trading Standards. We are a member of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers and are cleared to sell our cosmetics line throughout the EU. All our packaging clearly states ingredients and allergens and you can even download a data sheet for these details if it could be an issue for you before you go ahead and place an order.

I love one of your images but can't see it available as a t-shirt? Pretty please can I?

Yes! Because we print and press everything in house as long as the image you like fits onto the product you want, we can make it order. There is a small charge for this but you will have something pretty special. Simply select the custom image option from the drop down menu on the item, then type in the name of the image in the box. You can find the image name under the picture in the gallery, or, if you're stuck, simply type HELP ME in the box when you place your order and I'll contact you to work things out :) Some items have limited options, such as the ties because not all images will fit the shape. If this is the case there will either be no option for custom, or a limited list to choose from. You can always email  me to check first if you prefer.

Do you have a shop I can visit?

Sadly, not as yet, though one day that is the dream. You can find a small selection of Madams Pinups items through a few wonderful boutique stores throught the UK. Check the links page for their details. Alternatively, we do travel the country attending burlesque shows, alternative or craft fairs and vintage festivals. You can always catch us there. Check the calendar for details of when and where we'll be.


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