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At LOOOOOOONG last the website has finally had it's grand relaunch. Whoop whoop! I've been stunned by the positive reaction to all our products, our event appearances and to the artwork itself. So much so that it's been difficult keeping up with it all! However, the majority of the products you have seen at various events across the UK are now finally available to purchase direct through the website. Not only that, you can customise almost any product with your favourite Madams Pinup image by finding the custom variation.

Any feedback you'd like to give on the overhaul is very much appreciated, especially if there are any nasty gremlins poking about that might have been hiding from me :)

Here's to being more rigorous on keeping the website up to date and a huge thank you to everyone who has kept popping by to see the changes.

As a little thanks, anyone who follows us on facebook will be privvy to a relaunch discount of 15% off all orders placed for the next 2 weeks. Simply check out the page for the discount code.

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